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BGB Innovation

BGB Innovation

I was first introduced to Tim Sutton as BGB embarked upon the Growth Accelerator scheme. In the meeting of our Senior Management team, he asked challenging and thought inspiring questions, to determine our suitability for the programme. A short while after, a mutual Contact queried whether I would be interested to meet up with Tim in a Personal Executive Coaching capacity. An initial session focussed upon Tim’s ‘Coaching Commitment’ and stressed the importance of confidentiality and dedication to the process, whilst creating awareness that the coaching format would be testing at times.

I feel as though my self-development, personally and from a business perspective, has benefitted hugely from our sessions over the last few months. I am sure that there are a million-and-one other things that Tim could be doing whilst he takes the time to meet with me, and hence I feel privileged to be able to spend time with him and share in his wealth of high level experience. There is no doubt that the sessions take me out of my comfort zone at times, however there is no passing of judgement and I know that anything I say to Tim, will stay with Tim, unless I ask him to share the information with others. I value the fact that he is very straight talking and challenging of my thoughts.

Tim inspires self-confidence and thoughts for the development of strategy and vision. He doesn’t necessarily provide answers, but asks appropriate questions which lead to the formulation of my own conclusions, in which he gives me faith and commitment.

We spend time discussing development of the BGB team as individuals and as a group, so that they can help me to achieve my vision. The sharing of personal and Company ‘values’ within the team is set as priority, with skill shortages being identified and worked upon. I have learnt that by releasing certain shackles from my trusted, key team mates, allowing them to set their own objectives and make more of their own decisions, it enables them to flourish and contribute further. Emphasis is put on praising the efforts of the team and its members as opposed to their achievements.

I have had good advice as to how to develop key customer relationships and been provided with a realisation of what matters most to the client. Tim has introduced me to other subject matter experts relative to legal and HR advice, along with prospective customers. Each of those Contacts has subsequently helped me and my business to improve.

Tim consistently draws attention to the importance of a family-work balance. He provides building blocks, some of which are I’m sure intangible, to progress all round advancement. As an Executive Coach, a ‘Growth’ Coach, I rate him highly. I am lucky to have met him.

- David R Holt, Managing Director

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