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I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you as we have now been working together for over twelve months. I as you know, was rather sceptical about the whole ‘life coaching’ at the start of our sessions and could not see my way to appreciate why it should be needed. My train of thought was always that ‘the people’ that engage coaches need to be more self motivated. If they know they have a shortfall in an area, to do something about it and not wait for someone to sit them down and spell it out. How wrong was I, about that and the whole purpose of the sessions.

I would like to say thank you for not giving up on me at the start, although I suspect I might have been a bit of a challenge. This past year has seen me understand the value of what I do, who I do it with and why I continue to do it.

I have always been a self confident person, self motivated and a team player and totally understood the standards and values of a good manager, leader and team member. What I
totally could not see was the disparage between a world in which I hold huge responsibility, make decisions and lead a large team outside of my employment, and my employer, where
my responsibility is less so.

With your advice and coaching we have worked together to enable me to manage this, and use it to my best advantage, embracing the difference in roles and championing the opening of
a new office where I can get that feeling of ‘ownership and responsibility’. The result has enabled me to focus on what is important, manage my time more efficiently
and drive forward plans and proposals for the good of not only myself but my employer. Having a coach enables me to discuss issues that are not allowing me to always be at my best,
sound off ideas and focus on what is important.

I believe we make our own fate, positivity and belief takes us a long way to achieve our goals. My decision to take the offer of an initial meeting with you was the most productive I have made for some time. It is important that everyone has someone to help them develop and I am grateful that I have you as my coach and mentor.

I look forward to our next session.

- Mandy Davanna, Manager

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