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Personal Coaching / Mentoring

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Helping individuals achieve their full potential on every professional level.

The Fresh Growth Solutions approach to coaching and mentoring is well proven (see numerous testimonials) over a number of years with specially selected individuals .These includes a wide variety of clients including: M.D.’s CEO’s, entrepreneur’s, senior managers and future talent or leaders with potential identified within the organisation and business. Working with individuals of all ages and backgrounds from family owned, ambitious/progressive growing organisations through to start ups with a clear vision. The Fresh Growth Solutions approach (only using experienced qualified coach/mentors) guarantees confidentiality and focuses on business results and impact for both the coachee and business/organisation alike.



Benefits of Coaching

The benefits are identified below:

•Take ownership & action in areas responsibility
•Better performance & alignment with organisations goals
•Better focus and delivery v objectives/ k.p.i.’s
•“Safe” off line environment to learn & explore new ideas
•Access to the mentors experience and “network”
•Support transition from “managing” to “Leading”
•Increased self-awareness
•Improved motivation - Improved confidence
•Demonstration of company commitment to Personal Development

•Alignment of individual / team / department / organisation
•Vision +goals +objectives
•Unlock the potential in individuals
•Improved performance & delivery
•Increased retention
•Better talent management ("grow your own" concept)
•Improved team performance/ delivery
•Improved perception of business brand
•Transition (doing > thinking) (managing > leading)
•Employee surveys

•Delivery v Goals/Objectives/Targets
•Cultural change Directive??Coaching ?Leading
•“Grow your own” (not external recruitment)
•Appraisal feedback
•Increased self awareness and confidence (increased innovation)
•Successes of coachee celebrated (confidence + achievement + delivery)

See what clients think in the testimonial section.

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