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Like many family-run SMEs, succession planning was a major “stay awake” issue for
J-Flex. When we approached our first succession hurdle – my father, and founder of the
business, handing over the reins to me – it was obvious that we would need help, support
and guidance to ensure a smooth handover.
Where were we going to find that help though? After scouring our network of contacts, one
long-term business friends introduced us to Tim – a highly sought-after family business
coach / advisor / mentor (call it what you want), and all-round great chap!
We both left our initial meeting – having discussed the future of the business and my
personal development – with a genuine excitement at the prospect of working together, and
we haven’t looked back since.
During our early sessions, Tim supported my family as we created and agreed a brand-new
Company Plan and Vision. Tim’s role in these sessions was to ask questions and make
suggestions on themes and items we might want to include, whilst he also made sure we
communicated and shared our vision with our team in a clear and concise way.
On a personal level Tim has been crucial for my development as I’ve transitioned from
Marketing Manager to Managing Director. Our 1-2-1 sessions are a great platform to
confidentially discuss challenges or problems that I (or the business) face, however the
nature of his questioning means that I’m able to come up with the solution or answer. Tim’s
own fascinating career experiences and insights have also been valuable in helping me to;
accelerate cultural change and introduce clear accountability.
Tim continues to coach / advise me on a 1-2-1 basis, as well as supporting our Leadership
Team with their own personal development and strategic issues.
I consider Tim a key part of my team, and our friendship outside of work continues to grow
too. His passion and knowledge are incredible and he 100% “gets” what SME / family-run
businesses are about, which is massively important to us. It really is an absolute joy to work
alongside Tim, and it’s easy to see why he is highly sought-after.
Sam Kirk
Managing Director, J-Flex
December 2018


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