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Clients: Welcome


After working with Tim for some time around coaching he invited me to attend a Leadership

Retreat hosted by himself and David. I have to say that attending this brilliant event is one of the best things I’ve done for my career.

Through Insights Discovery, interactive workshops and coaching the event helped me to find my voice as a leader, be more confident in my role and communicate better with teams.

It has had a profound impact on my approach, and I have subsequently invited Tim and David to roll the process out to our wider senior team. As a result we have a more aligned, productive and cohesive SLT.

At the retreat there was a great mix of established CEO’s and new leaders – and everyone came away absolutely enthused. I’d recommend this Leadership Retreat to anyone looking to grow as a leader.

CHRIS MCGILLAN, Strategy Director



Like many family-run SMEs, succession planning was a major “stay awake” issue for J-Flex. When we approached our first succession hurdle – my father, and founder of the business, handing over the reins to me – it was obvious that we would need help, support and guidance to ensure a smooth handover. Where were we going to find that help though? After scouring our network of contacts, one long-term business friends introduced us to Tim – a highly sought-after family business coach / advisor / mentor (call it what you want), and all-round great chap! We both left our initial meeting – having discussed the future of the business and my personal development – with a genuine excitement at the prospect of working together, and we haven’t looked back since.

During our early sessions, Tim supported my family as we created and agreed a brand-new Company Plan and Vision. Tim’s role in these sessions was to ask questions and make suggestions on themes and items we might want to include, whilst he also made sure we communicated and shared our vision with our team in a clear and concise way.

On a personal level Tim has been crucial for my development as I’ve transitioned from Marketing Manager to Managing Director. Our 1-2-1 sessions are a great platform to confidentially discuss challenges or problems that I (or the business) face, however the nature of his questioning means that I’m able to come up with the solution or answer. Tim’s own fascinating career experiences and insights have also been valuable in helping me to accelerate cultural change and introduce clear accountability.

Tim continues to coach / advise me on a 1-2-1 basis, as well as supporting our Leadership Team with their own personal development and strategic issues. I consider Tim a key part of my team, and our friendship outside of work continues to grow too. His passion and knowledge are incredible and he 100% “gets” what SME / family-run businesses are about, which is massively important to us. It really is an absolute joy to work alongside Tim, and it’s easy to see why he is highly sought-after.

SAM KIRK, Managing Director



I met Tim a few years ago, when we took Tank through Growth Accelerator. From experience, we shared the same dim view of PR Agencies. As it happened, he liked Tank though.

Tim’s track record for business is fantastic in that he has succeeded hugely and by his own admission, even failed on occasion – as all the best business people do. He’s strategic, determined, connected, empathetic, respected and loyal.

But what I most like about him, is that he’s no nodding dog. If you want some to help you run your business, you need some who’s not afraid to say when you’re wrong. To this end as our non-exec, in addition to helping us grow the business, Tim has helped us to better organise, run and report on the board meetings.

There are also few people better to have by your side when you’re off to see businesses with turnovers bigger than you (well, I at least) can count.




At the beginning of last year the Directors at Coriolis decided that they needed a complete review of the commercial strategy of the business. To facilitate this we needed someone with not only the relevant technical expertise, but also the gravitas and inter-personal  skills effectively to influence the team.

Tim had an impressive background in the UK food industry and understood our market well. He also very quickly got to grips with our key commercial issues and through a well structured programme work helped us to redefine our commercial direction. This encompassed a wide range of activity from strategy though to sales management and marketing.

Tim has a very professional approach and a highly engaging style with all members of the team. His skill set is wide ranging and following the completion of our commercial review, Tim continues to help the business through coaching and mentoring key members of the team.

I have been delighted with Tim’s contribution to the business and would not hesitate to recommend his services. (Provided they don’t compete with us!)

MARK DUDLEY, Managing Director



Having recently been promoted to the role of Manager Director, Tim has helped coach me on a one-to-one basis throughout the year. He’s a fantastic business coach and is able to back his methodologies with invaluable real-life experience gained throughout his career from leading companies through substantial transition and continued high growth.

Tim has been a fundamental part in my journey so far, helping me to develop my leadership skills, shape company culture and build a clear vision and strategy.

Tim recently hosted a team building day for our newly formed management team which was a completely engaging experience for all. The event was instrumental in helping us to bond as a team, develop a common understanding and set out a clear plan for the future.

I’ve already confirmed another team day with Tim and will be expanding his one-to-one coaching sessions across our whole management team. I’m really excited by the impact that I believe Tim will have in helping inspire team members so they can build on their strengths and become the best that they can.

I consider Tim to be a key part of my team who will undoubtedly help drive our business to the next level so that we achieve our potential and deliver on future ambitions.

JAMES HEALEY, Managing Director



I have been fortunate enough to be coached and mentored by Tim since 2012. Our sessions are always focused, engaging and most importantly enjoyable and rewarding; making those stony silences induced from Tim’s thought provoking questions all worthwhile.

We quickly identified my learning style, leadership skills and attributes allowing me to drive the sessions by choosing the direction they take and therefore which bits of Tim’s extensive business knowledge and opinions we draw on both in and out of sessions as he is always available on the other end of the phone.

It is clear from meeting Tim that he mentors for simply for enjoyment and this passion is infectious ensuring I make time to work towards my goals as it is all too easy to let your daily tasks to get in the way.

To conclude, I cannot recommend Tim highly enough as both a coach and mentor and look forward to continuing to work with him.




I was first introduced to Tim Sutton as BGB embarked upon the Growth Accelerator scheme. In the meeting of our Senior Management team, he asked challenging and thought inspiring questions, to determine our suitability for the programme. A short while after, a mutual Contact queried whether I would be interested to meet up with Tim in a Personal Executive Coaching capacity. An initial session focussed upon Tim’s ‘Coaching Commitment’ and stressed the importance of confidentiality and dedication to the process, whilst creating awareness that the coaching format would be testing at times.

I feel as though my self-development, personally and from a business perspective, has benefitted hugely from our sessions over the last few months. I am sure that there are a million-and-one other things that Tim could be doing whilst he takes the time to meet with me, and hence I feel privileged to be able to spend time with him and share in his wealth of high level experience. There is no doubt that the sessions take me out of my comfort zone at times, however there is no passing of judgement and I know that anything I say to Tim, will stay with Tim, unless I ask him to share the information with others. I value the fact that he is very straight talking and challenging of my thoughts.

Tim inspires self-confidence and thoughts for the development of strategy and vision. He doesn’t necessarily provide answers, but asks appropriate questions which lead to the formulation of my own conclusions, in which he gives me faith and commitment.

We spend time discussing development of the BGB team as individuals and as a group, so that they can help me to achieve my vision. The sharing of personal and Company ‘values’ within the team is set as priority, with skill shortages being identified and worked upon. I have learnt that by releasing certain shackles from my trusted, key team mates, allowing them to set their own objectives and make more of their own decisions, it enables them to flourish and contribute further. Emphasis is put on praising the efforts of the team and its members as opposed to their achievements.

I have had good advice as to how to develop key customer relationships and been provided with a realisation of what matters most to the client. Tim has introduced me to other subject matter experts relative to legal and HR advice, along with prospective customers. Each of those Contacts has subsequently helped me and my business to improve.

Tim consistently draws attention to the importance of a family-work balance. He provides building blocks, some of which are I’m sure intangible, to progress all round advancement. As an Executive Coach, a ‘Growth’ Coach, I rate him highly. I am lucky to have met him.

DAVID HOLT, Managing Director



I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you as we have now been working together for over twelve months. I as you know, was rather sceptical about the whole ‘life coaching’ at the start of our sessions and could not see my way to appreciate why it should be needed. My train of thought was always that ‘the people’ that engage coaches need to be more self motivated. If they know they have a shortfall in an area, to do something about it and not wait for someone to sit them down and spell it out. How wrong was I, about that and the whole purpose of the sessions.

I would like to say thank you for not giving up on me at the start, although I suspect I might have been a bit of a challenge. This past year has seen me understand the value of what I do, who I do it with and why I continue to do it.

I have always been a self confident person, self motivated and a team player and totally understood the standards and values of a good manager, leader and team member. What I struggled to see was the disparage between a world in which I hold huge responsibility, make decisions and lead a large team outside of my employment, and my employer, where my responsibility is less so.

With your advice and coaching we have worked together to enable me to manage this, and use it to my best advantage, embracing the difference in roles and championing the opening of a new office where I can get that feeling of ‘ownership and responsibility’. The result has enabled me to focus on what is important, manage my time more efficiently and drive forward plans and proposals for the good of not only myself but my employer. Having a coach enables me to discuss issues that are not allowing me to always be at my best, sound-off ideas and focus on what is important.

I believe we make our own fate, positivity and belief takes us a long way to achieve our goals. My decision to take the offer of an initial meeting with you was the most productive I have made for some time. It is important that everyone has someone to help them develop and I am grateful that I have you as my coach and mentor. I look forward to our next session.




It is a great pleasure to can look back on my coaching experience with Tim. Thanks to the support Tim provides I have been able to progress my career at a rapid rate, Coriolis has seen these tangible results in my performance and leadership qualities.

Sometimes it’s about someone just asking you the right questions, but not always. Tim has the ability to identify the best techniques for the individual and allows comfort outside of your comfort zone. This has allowed me to operate at a level of experience beyond my years.

Tim has a wealth of experience in industry, this gives him the ability to relate directly to your situation and bring a practical approach to the sessions.

For Tim it is more than just a job, he takes real pride in my success, it is important to recognise you have a genuine, sincere and dedicated coach and mentor that you can trust.

All that said the most important point is that I have had fun and enjoyed every minute of coaching and mentoring.

PAUL EASTWOOD, Operations Director



I’ve been working with Tim for a couple of years now. He’s helped many of my clients and in particular has been a huge support to my business.

Tim is a rarity in the business support arena; he has immense commercial experience that he skillfully uses to coach and advise businesses at a strategic level.

There is no doubt he adds significant value to every business he works with and I know he’s held in the highest regard by those who’ve the privilege of working with him.

I’d recommend Tim to any business owner looking for advice and support that will really drive their business and make a massive difference.




Tim is a valued non-exec Director of the Food and Drink forum, which I have chaired for the past year.

He brings a great deal of experience to this role, his background in marketing and strong strategic thinking have been very significant in helping the Board formulate plans and direction over recent years. The CEO of the forum finds his willingness to help, and his wise council, of great benefit.




Tim has worked with Butt Foods since April 2010 in the position of Non Executive Director and Business Advisor. Tim’s remit is to bring fresh thinking to the company and enable growth – a real challenge for a small business established for 20 years!

Over the year Tim has led development of a clear new business strategy and then overseen implementation by coaching and mentoring myself and the Senior Management Team. The result is we have transformed the performance of ourselves, our people, our operation and our bottom line in less than 12 months.

Tim has excellent customer focus and market insight, is a skilled coach and mentor and has added significant value to our business through his extensive network. Tim is passionate about our business, a great ambassador and I would highly recommend him.


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